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FRONT COVER WEB 2This book is a motivational and life-building book based on a simple lifestyle and diverse experiences. Along the pages I have shared on different principles, ideas, experiences and thoughts which I believe will inspire you on your way to building happiness and success.

I am a simple man, who has walked a challenging life while evolving in various liquid perspectives and ways of life. This book is therefore meant to challenge and inspire your lifestyle towards survival, winning, pursuing, relentlessness and courage.

By the age of 7 years I had already begun doing business on the streets, by the roadside, in the markets and around the communities. Years later, I was serving as a performer, a teacher, a counselor and consultant. Before long, my entrepreneurial adventures grew even more diverse while my engagements in different activities found more footing in a continually challenging world.

Today, I know with certainty that if you believe in yourself enough, if you walk by your principles, if you pursue your heart-most goals you will truly become successful. I speak from my own experiences when I declare that if you walk the talk and talk the walk of the life you aspire to have with fully mounted self-belief then you truly are headed for nothing less than the topmost summit, the peak of the highest horizons, the cream of success and happiness.

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50 Rules Front Page A6This book is a special compilation of some of my best pieces of Wisdom, Motivation, Success, Development and Love of Life. The marathon, pursuits and struggles of my life began when I was about 7 years old doing business on the streets, by the roadsides, in the markets around our local communities. From this journey much has been born with a bulk of tenacity, determination and courage.

While attaining greater resilience and enhanced aspirations, I sought continued personal growth in a world that offered no opportunities and meager privileges. On this endless road I served as a performer, teacher, multimedia producer & presenter, entertainer, counselor, consultant, master of ceremonies, projects manager, volunteer and much more. Today I reach out to thousands of people, young and old, in rural and urban areas through motivational talks and training in different international and intercultural communities.

The inspirational principles shared in this book will help you to build a positive, prudent and courageous lifestyle. As all seek after happiness and self-progress, this book is the call to ignite moments of your time with encouragement, love and deep inspiration. Many great values & principles are shared on the pages of this small book.

Get ignited towards higher dimensions of thinking and lifestyle. Allow the powerful voice of this book to add towards your journey of success, happiness and greatness. Even for a non-keen reader, this book is designed with a simple, clear and summarized set of chapters that you can walk through very thoroughly and quickly.

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